Thursday, October 30, 2008


At the exhibition, someone asked me "so what do you think of claystation?"

I think it's something that we don't get to do very often, just like my project for mapping K'Road fashion, exploring conceptual idea for a long period of time seems to be a luxury thing for architectural student. we do that for the beginning of every design topic off course, but after that, the final product has to be architectural, has to be resolved.

This course is refreshing because it is conceptual, and allowed us to enjoy it, learning how to learn (the process) .

Through my project of mapping , I had the opportunity to talk to over 50 strangers on K'Road, and get their response to my project.

From the simple action of drawing yourself, it's breaking the " I can't draw " or "I'm not pretty" or " I'm not fashionable" walls. And personally I think it can be repeated anywhere, everyone can draw! probably not like an artist, but everyone can draw! just like the idea of making buildings out of clay, everyone can draw themselves on a piece of paper.

If you look at some of the drawing, there are animals and robots and non- human creatures. some people are quite self-conscious and only showed a little bit of themselves. some people even had the idea of a jumper with all these photos printed on, but instead of strangers, you could "wear" your family and friends.

This project opened my eyes and hopefully those of the gallery patrons to the diversity of K'Road, and to the diversity of people in general - a simple exercise in surveying, drawing and displaying has revealed the depth of character in the participants.

before the exihibition

This is me standing infront of my work

The map of K'Road is drawn on the wall in light pencil

there are about 50 "people" pinned on the map at where I asked them to draw for me

the stickers are ready to go!

A designer on K Rd finishes her self-portrait

Friday, October 3, 2008

I’m having fun!

Some people have been telling me this is “funny, much better than asking questions” and they usually start with feeling embarrassed and when finished the drawing feeling they have done something fun…

Interesting Stories

I got my first guy today!! I think he’s Irish…. >.<
He was just sitting in a café, reading, and I asked him if he could draw himself and he drew this for me! (Below)

I also found someone that is not afraid to draw …. The first time!
He’s a fashion student in AUT, very friendly and stylish, and probably quite good at drawing, look at him! (Below)

That was good start to get guys to draw ^. ^

Major Change

After a discussion with Kathy, I realise that Dress and mannequin are probably not the best way to present the project.

People often relate mannequin to person, because they are the same scale as human, therefore the attention might be on the mannequin, not the drawing …

The second issue is map dress, the drawings are very interesting by themselves, if I put too much focus on “making a dress” there is the danger of losing the project’s meaning. It is more about people on what they are wearing, not making two awesome dresses.
I will keep collecting the drawings on K’Road, now the presentation is much simplified to a 2D presentation, hopefully the focus will be clear.